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If you’ve ever wondered why you see shrubs and trees around town that look spectacular compared to yours, there’s a reason.  Healthy shrubs and trees get taken care of. They are treated for insect and disease prevention, and given the nutrients, they need to produce full blooms and green leaves. The good news is shrubs and trees are pretty self-reliant, and it doesn’t take but a handful of treatments over the year to keep them healthy and strong.

GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services

Why aren’t Your Shrubs Thriving? 

Every area around the country gives shrubs and trees different problems.  In and around Little Rock, Arkansas, there are some common disease and insect pressure we often see on our customer’s shrubs and trees.  

  • Azaleas – Lace bug damage 
  • Crepe Myrtle – Bark Scale damage 
  • Evergreens – Bagworm damage   

We can help you address these common issues and more. Even if you’re shrub is already under attack, we can stop the attack and bring health back into the shrub or tree.

When is the Best Time to Start? 

Now.  Your lawn is a living system that needs year-round care to be its best.  Our treatment plan is customized to meet the conditions of your lawn when we start and the season in which we start.

What Will My Shrub and Tree Plan Look Like? 

It depends on the condition of your shrubs and trees when we start. If we start service because your shrubs are fighting a disease or insect pressure, we will remedy that first. Once your shrubs have recovered and are disease and insect free a typical treatment plan will look like this:  

  • Early Spring Treatment: Slow release fertilizer  
  • Early Summer Treatment: Insect and disease prevention 
  • Mid-summer Treatment: Insect and disease prevention
  • Late summer treatment: Insect and disease prevention
  • Fall treatment: Slow release fertilizer  

Do you Service Commercial Properties for Shrubs and Trees? 

Green Up Lawn Care services any all types of commercial properties.  

  • Hospitals 
  • Apartment Complexes 
  • Distribution Centers 
  • And More

First Treatment is FREE! 

When you mention you saw this on our website you get your first treatment for free.  

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Areas we service

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  • Alexander
  • Austin
  • Gravel Ridge
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Frequently Asked Questions

Common tree and shrub disease we treat include powdery mildew on dogwoods and crepe myrtle, black spot on roses, root rot on most plants, and volutella for boxwoods, to name a few.

No, it’s caused by an invasive insect.

No. We treat trees around 20 feet or smaller. Mainly trees that are found in landscaped areas.

Prices are determined by the amount and size of the shrubs. 

GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services
GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services