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Do you have spots in your lawn that won’t go away, no matter how much water and fertilizer you apply? There are several lawn diseases caused by fungus and insects that could be causing the problem. The only remedy is killing the disease or insect. Once the active issue has been addressed, you’ll need regular prevention treatments to keep it from happening again.

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Why Does My Lawn Have Spots? 

Chances are your lawn is suffering from a lawn disease or lawn pests. There are many diseases and pests that can cause damage to your Arkansas lawn. Every climate presents different challenges for your lawn. Green Up is familiar with every type of disease and pest threat your lawn faces. We can eliminate the problem and make sure it doesn’t come back.  

Common Arkansas Lawn Pests 

There are a variety of different insects in Arkansas that will damage your lawn if left free to do so.  The most common lawn pests we eliminate and prevent include:  

  • Grubs – Grubs eat the roots that hold your grass in place. If you have a grub problem, dead patches in your lawn will pull back like a piece of loose carpet. Often, skunks, raccoons, and armadillos will dig up your yard, searching for grubs.   
  • Chinch Bugs – These sap-sucking insects feed by sucking on your grass blades. When they’re feeding, they secrete an anticoagulant that causes grass to stop absorbing water. If left untreated, the grass withers and dies.  
  • Sod Webworms – Sod webworms eat grass blades and the entire stem. They leave brown patches as they move through your lawn. They move fast and can cause extensive damage quickly. 
  • Armyworms –Caterpillars that eat Bermuda grass blades. They won’t kill your lawn, but can turn it brown for several weeks. 
  • Cutworms – Cutworms shelter in underground burrows during daylight hours. At night, they emerge to feed at the base of grass and will bite off entire grass stems.  

Common Arkansas Lawn Disease  

There are a variety of different diseases in Arkansas that will damage your lawn if left free to do so.  A twice a year lawn fungicide application, once in the spring, and another in the fall is highly recommended for Zoysia and St. Augustine grass lawns. The most common lawn diseases we eliminate and prevent include:  

  • Dollar Spot – This disease is most common from early spring through late fall. It’s most active when humidity is high, and daytime temperatures are between 60-86 F, and nights are cooler. This is a destructive disease that can cause small circular brown areas.  We do not recommend prevention, but we can treat it with Spring fungicide, and applying heavy fertilizer. Dollar spot is most commonly found in Bermuda lawns. 
  • Pythium Blight – Small, irregularly shaped spots that eventually join together. Grass blades will look and feel water-soaked, greasy, or slimy. Once they dry out, the grass blades shrivel up and cause a matted brown turf.
  • Spring Dead Spot – Symptoms appear in circular patches from 6 inches to several feet in diameter. They remain dormant as the rest of your lawn greens up in the spring.
  • Large Patch – Also known as “brown patch” this disease causes thinned patches of light brown grass that are circular in shape. They can be a few inches to several feet in diameter. Often the center will recover, leaving a doughnut-shaped pattern. 
  • Take All Patch – A serious root rot disease, take all patch, is caused by a soil-borne fungus. In early stages it looks similar to large patch, but the grass blades can be easily removed with a gentle tug. The base of the infected blade is usually slimy and rotten. Poor drainage, low nitrogen, excessive irrigation, thatch, soil compaction, and high alkaline soils can all contribute to the disease.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will see improvement with each treatment. Full recovery time is dependent on the amount of damage sustained. Typically you’ll see a noticeable improvement in a matter of weeks depending on the season.

Depending on the damage and type of grass, you may not need to re-sod. Severe disease or insect damage on Zoysia lawns usually needs resodding because Zoysia spreads slowly. However, damaged areas of Bermuda grow back quickly.

Treatment for the entire lawn is 1.5x’s the cost of the regular treatment. For example, if you’re receiving a lawn treatment for $50, then disease treatment would be $75.

GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services
GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services