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If your lawn isn’t everything you’d like it to be, don’t worry. Great looking lawns don’t happen by chance. Do you have bare patches and more weeds than you’d like? Do you find that your lawn is full, but not as green as other lawns? There are several things that go into making a lawn picture-perfect. The good news is, you can have a beautiful green and healthy lawn without breaking the bank and spending hours every week on maintenance.

GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services

Complete Lawn Care Plan 

Your complete Green Up lawn care plan includes 8 treatments per year. Why 8 treatments? Because we’ve found that an 8 treatment plan yields the best results. It’s that simple. Anything less results in less than perfect lawns, and dissatisfaction. The complete lawn care plan takes aim at weed control and feeding your lawn the nutrients it needs to flourish.  

When is the Best Time to Start? 

Now.  Your lawn is a living system that needs year-round care to be its best.  Our treatment plan is customized to meet the conditions of your lawn when we start and the season in which we start.

What Will My Lawn Care Plan Look Like? 

It depends on the condition of your lawn when we first start. If you start your treatment in mid-summer and have heavy weed pressure, our plan will address the weeds first. If you start in the dead of winter, we’ll start with a pre-emergent weed control treatment. If your lawn is weed-free but filled with bare spots, our plan addresses that issue. Once you’re receiving regular treatment and your lawn is stabilized, a yearly treatment plan may look like this:

  • January-February: Winter pre-emergent weed control treatment 
  • February-March: Spring crabgrass pre-emergent + weed control & nitrogen 
  • April-May: Complete liquid fertilizer + weed control 
  • May-June: Granular fertilizer + spot spray weed maintenance 
  • July-August: Granular fertilizer + spot spray weed maintenance 
  • August-September: Liquid pre-emergent for Fall Weeds + potash for Winter nutrients
  • October-November: Winterizer pre-emergent + weed control 
  • November-December: Lime application to balance soil PH + calcium and magnesium 

We Can Save you From Re-Sodding 

If you have Bermuda grass, we can bring your entire lawn back to life. Bermuda grass is hardy and spreads rapidly in the right conditions. If you have just a few healthy patches, you can save thousands of dollars and avoid re-sodding. Other grasses can spread as well, just not as fast as Bermuda. Just call, and we’ll give you a free analysis of what it would take to save your lawn.

What Types of Commercial Properties Do Your Service? 

Green Up Lawn Care services any all types of commercial properties.  

  • Hospitals 
  • Apartment Complexes 
  • Distribution Centers 
  • And More

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Happy with us? Tell your friends and family. If they use our services, you get $30 off!

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Free Estimates

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many variables that may be causing weeds. However, we guarantee you have fewer weeds than before you started with us, and if you continue, they will all eventually die off. We’re happy to explain all the details about weed cycles and what to expect as you progress through your treatments. 

Our products are safe for pets and children. At most, you may choose to wait 30 minutes for the application to dry as a safety precaution if your child or dog has allergies.

No. A lot of our customers are busy professionals.

No. We don’t do contracts, and you’re free to cancel at any time.

We base the cost on the square footage of the area that will receive treatment.  Prices start as low as $40 per treatment. If you know the square footage, we can give you an accurate quote in seconds. If you don’t know, we can use your address and satellite imaging to get you an accurate quote in just a few minutes.

GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services
GreenUP Little Rock Lawn Care Services